Magic Soft Sticky Clean Glue Slime Dust Dirt Cleaner


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Magic Soft Sticky Clean Glue Slime Dust Dirt Cleaner For Car Cleaning Supplies

  • Per­fect for Car: Clean­ing gel is per­fect for clean­ing the nooks and cran­nies in your car or truck. Picks up dust and dirt from Car inte­ri­or. Car gel clean­er is super great to get into the vents and lit­tle crevices on the car air vents, steer­ing wheels, con­sole pan­el, stor­age bins, cup hold­er, door han­dles, dash­boards to pick up the dirt
  • Easy to Use : Just press the car vent clean­er slight­ly on the dust sur­face and pull out the car clean­ing gel slow­ly the dirt would gone. Push car detail­ing tools into any lit­tle cracks and the crud sticks and pulls back out! You can also press the lap­top clean­er on the key­board sur­face and then pull out the car gel clean­er slow­ly, the dust would be car­ried away with the key­board cleaner
  • Reusable: mag­ic slime key­board clean­er gel for car could be used for sev­er­al times till the col­or of the clean key­board turn to dark. When clean­ing fin­ished, just put the key­board clean­ing gel back in box and keep in cool place.Does not leave residues, keeps your hands clean, has a proven dis­in­fect­ing action. As a mag­ic slime reusable key­board clean­er you are 100% assured of quality.
  • Safe and Eco-friend­ly: Safe and non tox­ic. Car clean­ing gel is made of biodegrad­able gel mate­r­i­al with laven­der fra­grance. Clean­ing glue for car is safe to your skin and friend­ly to the envi­ron­ment. Clean­ing goo removes all dust and debris and leaves no residue
  • Mul­ti­ple Use: Car put­ty is also use­ful for home and office, Per­son­al Com­put­er PC key­board and oth­er rugged sur­face clean­ing such as print­er, cell phone, cal­cu­la­tor, TV remote and fur­ni­ture. The suit­able sur­face must be water resis­tant, or the clean­ing put­ty would stick to it
  • Can be used for many times until the clean­ing com­pound turns into dark color 

    Magic Soft Sticky Clean Glue Slime Dust Dirt Cleaner

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