how to prevent earbud silicone tips from falling out

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How to prevent earbud silicone tips from falling out

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When purchasing a new pair of earbuds, one unique feature tops your list—quality of the earbud tips. The material used to create the earbud tips will determine sound quality as well as how comfortable and noise-isolating they are. Two popular earbud tip types are foam and silicone.

Every earbud silicone has a lifespan of somewhere between two and five years. Earbud Silicone is chemically inert and unlikely to cause ear irritation. However, some users have reported silicone ear tips as being uncomfortable for long-term use. There are circumstances and lifestyle factors that can bring more of your earbud silicone into the rest cycle, during which it falls out.

The earbud is a vital piece of equipment for any serious workout. Rarely, if ever, do long-haired people engage in a workout without one. Nevertheless, one common problem that continues to plague users is the inability of certain silicone caps to stay on. For this reason, many users inquire about any proven strategies to keep their silicone case from falling off.

how to prevent earbud silicone tips from falling out

How to prevent earbud silicone loss

Most people don’t think about keeping their earbuds silicone safe and clean until they start showing visible earwax and the wires become disgustingly grimy. Don’t be one of those people.The correct placement of earbuds in relation to the usage has been a hotly debated topic in the earbud community. Some argue that headphones should be worn over head, while others argue that headphones should be worn under.

Ultimately, there’s no real right or wrong way to wear your earbuds and headphones. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to do whatever is the most comfortable for you.

That said, if you’re struggling to keep your earbuds silicone safe, you should at least experiment with the idea of wearing it over your head

There are various ways to drop a earbud silicone accidentally. It could fall out of your pocket, get knocked off a table, or slide off your lap when you stand up. Or it could just randomly slip out of your hand.

Whatever causes a silicone to drop, the resulting loss is far from pretty. An earbud silicone loss due to an accidental drop can lead to an unsightly appearance, including poor sounds from earpiece, issues with hearing responses, and exposure to moisture.


Note that it is quite essential to assess your needs such as your options, use, your budget or how long you spend with your earphones, before making a decision to avoid frustrations in the future. Also remember that comfort is equally important as the sound itself.

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