Guide to ePacket Shipping, Tracking & Delivery

The Guide to ePack­et Ship­ping, Track­ing & Deliv­ery: With the entire world rapid­ly evolv­ing due to tech­nol­o­gy, it’s no sur­prise that a large num­ber of busi­ness­es are either inte­grat­ing with ecom­merce or going com­plete­ly dig­i­tal by mov­ing or start­ing their entire busi­ness online. For the needs of e‑commerce goods’ deliv­ery between Chi­na main­land and USA, Cana­da and more oth­er coun­tries, Chi­na Postal Express & Logis­tics Co., Ltd pro­vides E‑commerce express ser­vices which meet the needs of the indi­vid­u­als and enter­pris­es engaged in online trade to post some light-weight goods. 

The E‑commerce express ser­vice includes ePack­et and e‑EMS. After the pop­u­lar­i­ty of ecom­merce, Unit­ed States Postal Ser­vice (USPS) in agree­ment with Hong Kong Post, Kore­an Postal ser­vice and eBay Chi­na intro­duced the ‘e’ Pack­et ser­vice to make deliv­ery from Chi­na safer and con­sis­tent to oth­er parts of the world. The ser­vice grants USPS first class mail ser­vice priv­i­leges to ship pack­ets. More­over, these pack­ages get faster deliv­ery, exclu­sive track­ing option and a deliv­ery con­fir­ma­tion mes­sage on reach­ing the destination. 

What Is ePacket Shipping?

In the field of e‑commerce, drop­ship­ping is wide­ly applied by a large num­ber of e‑retailers, some of the biggest shop­ping web­site also using drop­ship­per to sup­ply goods.

ePack­et is a glob­al couri­er ser­vice that has made pos­si­ble faster deliv­er­ies from coun­tries like Chi­na, Hong Kong, and Korea to the U.S. ecom­merce sell­ers — the biggest win­ners from this new ship­ping option, who pre­vi­ous­ly had to wait weeks to receive their whole­sale ship­ments or retail orders.

ePack­et is a quick ship­ping method that allows prod­ucts to trav­el from coun­tries like Chi­na and Hong Kong to any anoth­er part of the world. The “e” in ePack­et rep­re­sents the ecom­merce industry.

ePack­et drop­ship­ping ensures high­er sales along­side pre­cious smiles of hap­py cus­tomers. With the assis­tance of ePack­et, the process of ship­ping becomes quick­er for drop­ship­pers and more afford­able for the customers.

An agree­ment between nation­al postal ser­vices in oth­er coun­tries and the U.S. Postal Ser­vice (USPS) has enabled short­ened deliv­ery timeta­bles for light­weight – under 4.4 lbs – prod­ucts val­ued at under $400.

This shift is caus­ing the world to become a mar­ket­place on the inter­net where con­sumers can shop and pro­cure items from all cor­ners of the globe, all at a few clicks of a button.

This ser­vice has made buy­ing prod­ucts from Chi­na and Hong Kong ridicu­lous­ly easy and can be the com­pet­i­tive edge that ecom­merce mer­chants, espe­cial­ly those who are buy­ing and sell­ing from Chi­na using pop­u­lar busi­ness mod­els such as drop­ship­ping, need.

The advan­tages of drop­ship­ping are appar­ent­ly clear. As a sup­pli­er, the oth­er side some­times require you to pro­vide drop­ship­ping ser­vice, maybe you think it is just a piece of cake and ignore it, but always spend many time and mon­ey to com­pete with oth­er sup­pli­ers in sev­er­al big orders. 90% buy­ers all over the world, espe­cial­ly those small and medi­um-sized buy­ers, maybe nev­er find sup­pli­ers through Aliba­ba or Trade Fair. So drop­ship­ping through the pro­vi­sion of the ser­vices, you can do busi­ness with a large num­ber of small sin­gle buy­ers, and its prof­its are far beyond the one or two big business.

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